Letter to Santa in 1913 from 12-Year-Old Turns Siblings Into Celebrities

Gloucestershire Carpenter was the Patriarch of a Sawmill and Farming Machine

Sibling Politicians, Merchants, Socialites and Farmers Made an Indelible Mark in Baltimore’s ‘South Patapsco’

The explosion of the Alum Chine from roughly two miles away in the Patapsco River.

Presbyterian Meeting House was the First Church in Brooklyn-Curtis Bay

Prohibition became law in 1920, but Brooklyn and Curtis Bay had their taps turned off two years earlier

Burning Lava-like Flood from Oil Refinery Decimated East Brooklyn

Plumes of blue-black smoke were spat out of a petroleum fire in the hamlet of East Brooklyn in Wagners Point on July 20, 1920, nearly a full day after the fire was started by a lightning bolt.

Lithuanian family persevered to achieve the American dream

Baltimore established a facility at Hawkins Point to isolate the diseased and to screen ships from abroad

Rik Forgo

Writer, editor and entrepreneur. Owns and operates Time Passages LLC, a independent book publisher near Annapolis, Md. Fan of history and classic rock music.

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